In selecting our suppliers, we look for those who recognise our shared responsibility to animals, the environment and the food they produce. We are fully committed to ensuring higher animal welfare values are maintained in the farming of our meats.
• We only buy direct from local farms who are passionate and dedicated in their responsibility to their animals.
• We visit our farms regularly to ensure standards of care are maintained, collaborating with our suppliers and offering suggestions of improvements wherever and however we can.
• We purchase and encourage the sale of higher welfare products such as free-range eggs, pork and poultry.
• All our beef is grass fed and free to roam outdoors.
• All of our meat is free from additives or growth promoters and are antibiotic free.
• All our pigs, cattle and sheep are killed at Red Tractor Assured abattoirs which have a local farm yard environment and are transported in small numbers to ensure minimum stress to the animal.
• We keep records of all movement and traceability.
• We believe in and publicly emphasise wherever possible the link between good animal welfare and good quality meat.

Full ingredients list available on request.

When collecting items from our shop social distancing and Government guidelines are to be followed closely. Currently all people must wear a mask and only 2 persons allowed in the shop at any one time.